Project is the glue that links all of your data together. The myBiz application can handle multiple projects to store your Expense, Quotations and Inventory’s data, so this way you can draw a line between your home’s expense and business’s inventory. In most cases each project’s data is independent of one another (except Inventory’s category). It can be password protected too! The myBiz application’s home screen shows a project summary of the active project at all times. The project summary includes monthly expenses per expense sheet, open quotation and summary of the transaction status’s of your inventory.


The Projects window has a project list area where your projects will be listed. Selecting it will display the project details/data entry screen. You will find options to set an active project, close project and password protect the project in its menu options. Also, the project window contains the input fields to set the company associated with your project. This will be used when printing Quotations.

Active Project: An active project is the one that is in use. To set a particular project as an active project, you must select a project from the project list area in the Projects window, and touching the ‘Set active project’ option in the menu options. The active project will be displayed as a title in the main screen’s project summary area.

Project Status: A project status can be set as closed if no further activity is expected in the project. This way, an open project cannot be deleted unless it has been closed. A closed project will not be displayed in the project summary at the main screen. To set the project status as closed, you must select the project and select the ‘Close’ project option in the menu options. You can also re-open the project if you wish.

Protect/ Unprotect:The project can be password protected. Doing this will enable a password specific to a project, giving you the authority to access or modify the content of a project only after entering the correct password. This option to set a password and to disable a password is in the projects menu options.

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