Database Options

The myBiz application allows performing backup of the entire application data or the data stored in one project. The backups created saves itself as a file. This can be stored in your local SD Card or in your Dropbox storage. You can restore to myBiz the data stored in these backup files using the restore option. This way, you can backup data and safely edit or wipe away projects stored in the application and restore them to the application when needed. To access the database options, tap the Database icon in the myBiz Dashboard. To connect myBiz to your Dropbox account, you have to first enable this function in myBiz Setup >> Preferences . If Dropbox has not been enabled, you will see the Database options for local storage. The database options are available in the myBiz Standard Edition and are not available in the myBiz Trial Edition.


Select Storage Type

In the myBiz application, you can perform backups to be stored in the SD-Card. The backup file will be saved in the SD-card location ‘/mybiz/backup/’ . You can perform either full database backups or project backup. And you can restore either of those. The Database Options screen has options to backup and restore data from the SD-card.


Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc., that offers cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. In the myBiz application, you can perform a backup and have it saved to your Dropbox account. This keeps the data safe and you can restore the file at any point even from a different device. To use this feature, you are required to have an account in and enable Dropbox in the Preferences in myBiz Settings. Dropbox cloud service offers a significant amount of storage size for free and is available on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, windows, mac, linux and web, so you always have access to your data. The myBiz Dropbox Options screen has the options to backup and restore data to and from Dropbox. You are required to have an active Internet connection when interfacing with Dropbox.


Database Options

The Database options are common if performing functions locally or remotely to Dropbox. They are explained below:

Full Backup/Restore :

The backup files are stored in the SD-card or Dropbox location ‘/mybiz/backup/’ . The backups will be stored by their date as filenames, so it will be convenient for you to do a full restore to a certain date. Only one backup will be stored in one day. In case of performing multiple backups, the file will overwrite itself, so only the final backup is available for use. When doing restore, you can choose the restore file using a built-in file browser.

Project Backup/Restore :

You can backup an individual project. This is a good practice if you decide to delete projects and will need to review it sometime in the future. The Project backup files are stored in the SD-card or Dropbox location ‘/mybiz/backup/projects/’ . The backup files are stored by the project names itself.

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