Expense Sheet List

Expense Sheet List

The Expenses tool displays all of your Expense Sheets in one place. You can add expenses to the sheets or view the expense sheets by selecting one from the list. This list can be sorted by date, amount or the sheet’s title. You can find various options such as sort, import, export, in the menu for the expenses tool containing the sheet list. The menu options can be found as shown in the snapshot, or can also be accessed by hitting the device’s menu key (this can vary depending on the device and the version of android your device is running).




The menu options are listed below:

Sort : The Expense Sheet list can be sorted by Title, Date and Amount.

Categories : This tool lets you create, delete and manage the categories for your Expenses. This application also has a feature to create a category in real time when entering the expense details.

Reports : You can create reports of your expenses for some period and view them as charts or generate and share them in PDF format. The report can be a sheet summary, which will give the summary of all the sheets in the date range, or it can be category wise, in which case, you can view the report summary for each of the expense categories.

When generating a report, you will be prompted to select the period for your report. To view a complete report for your expense, you don’t have to select a date range.

Import : This feature will allow you to import one or many expense sheets into the Expenses database of the application from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. This feature can function as a restore mechanism by importing .csv files that were exported using the export feature in this application. You can also import your Expense sheets created in the spread sheet format.

The import data file must follow the pattern given below:
The first line will include the details of an expense sheet in the following format:
‘Title’, ‘Date’, ‘Comment’, ‘Total Amount’
The Expense details will follow the following format:
‘Date’, ‘Title’, ‘Category’, ‘Paid To’,’Payment Method’, ‘Amount’, ‘Tip’, ‘Other Amount’, ‘Total Amount’, ‘Location’, ‘Reference’, ‘Description’, ‘Start Odometer’, ‘End Odometer’, ‘Mileage’, ‘Rate’.

An asterisk character ‘*’ must be used to separate the Expense Sheets in the .csv file.

To view a sample for import format, check an exported file in the SD-card location ‘/mybiz/expense/’ .

Export All : You can backup the expense data in a Comma Separated Value format, which can not only be restored using the import function but also used by third party applications for processing, reporting or auditing. You can find this function in the menu options of the expenses tool. The exported file will be saved in the SD-card location ‘/mybiz/expense’ in a .csv format file.

Click here for a sample export CSV file for the expense sheet list.

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