This feature allows you to create reports of your Inventory status and view graphical reports or generate and share them in pdf format.


PDF Reports: The myBiz application’s inventory tool allows you to create well formatted reports in PDF format which you can view on screen (provided a PDF reader application is installed) or send as an e-mail attachment. There are mainly three types of reports. Product list, Transaction reports, and Inventory status report. Each report has report filtering and sorting options.

The product list can be sorted by Product code, Product name or Category. Transaction reports can be filtered for a certain period and you may print the detailed report or summary by products. The Inventory status report will contain the stock status and valuation sorted by product name or category or low stock status.


Graphical Reports: You can view the Transaction and stock status in a graphical format. The graphs are displayed as scrollable bar charts. From the bar charts it is very easy to visually analyze the status.

The graphical report can be generated for transactions and current stock status.


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