The myBiz application gives you the flexibility to make some custom settings like date format, currency, etc. The Settings section of the myBiz application includes Preferences, User Registration and About application.

Settings myBiz

Preferences : This includes Date format. Currency, PDF paper size, Low stock alert and permission to allow negative stock.

Project Preferences

Low Stock alert : Enable this if you want to be alerted during transaction entries when the closing stock falls below the minimum stock required. The alert message will indicate the suggested re-order quantity as well.

Date format : It can be “dd/mm/yyyy” or “mm/dd/yyyy”.

Currency : You can set the currency you use for your daily transactions. This will be used when printing the quotations.

Dropbox : In order to use Dropbox cloud service for backup/restore mechanism, you must first enable Dropbox in the Settings option. When you tap the option enable, you will be asked to authenticate the myBiz application to access Dropbox. Tap the option Allow to finish. When you successfully enable Dropbox, the myBiz application will be connected to and will be able to interface with your Dropbox account. If you don’t have a Dropbox account already, you must create an account. You can read about Dropbox here.

PDF paper size : You can choose between letter (11 x 8.5) and A4 (12 x 8.25).

Negative Stock : For your Inventory, you have the option to enable or disable negative stock. If you disable negative stock, the application will not allow you to make an entry that will lead to negative stock.

Registration : By registering this product, you will have priority support by the developers.

User Registration

About : This is the about information for the myBiz Mobile business application. This shows the copyright, edition, version and support information.

myBiz About Page

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